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Matapica Helicopter-tour

Experience Matapica , sea turtles and a fantastic helicopter flight over the coast of Suriname Paramaribo in an unforgettable tour.


Matapica is a coastal area in Suriname Commewijne District, in the northeast compared to Paramaribo Suriname coast. Matapica known for the protected sea turtle species.
In the laying season 4 different turtles come to Matapica to lay their eggs, Matapica is a paradise for bird lovers, this is a breeding ground for many species of birds.

During the trip to Matapica we’re traveling along Marienburg on the Commewijne river.

From here we take a boat towards the plantation and Johanna Margaretha. Where we transfer to small boats towards the swamp turtle beaches Matapica. This is a trip of about 20 miles through the swamp, where we lift our boats over a dam.


Arriving we settle, we swim in the sea and enjoy the wonderful beach, both in the evening and during the day the turtles come ashore to shed their eggs. You may mother natures spectacle close to shore. In the night we sleep in beds or hammocks. The second day we relax on the beach and prepare for the last spectal this tour.


At noon there is a helicopter waiting for us that transports us back to Paramaribo. You will enjoy the spectacular view over the beach, the coast and Paramaribo. An experience of a lifetime.

Departure from three people every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday

You can give your preference to travel by helicopter or around the helicopter to travel back first. Depending on the bookings we can implement it.

The cost is 195 euros per person. That includes the 100 euro flight.

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